Walden - Educational Video-Portal (USA)

Product Design, Web Design, UI/UX Design

After competitors research, together with Product Manager we defined types of users who may be interested to use website (Bloggers, Students and Affiliate Managers) and their types if activities, meaning - how they would use the product. To keep all this information in mind during project development we created the affinity map.
As the second step - we defined flows for each type of user's activities, like for example Student's flow while they joining the series.

The critical points: 
- browsing series page, 
- search result page and of course 
- preview series. 

So I've started from these pages. As the next priority we agreed Log In and Sign Up process.

3 landing pages for different segments of target audience (for students, bloggers and affiliate managers); 
design and prototypes of the website; 
style guides.

Client's feedback:
"Tatiana is an excellent designer and does incredible work. She took the time to truly understand what I was trying to do, then turned that vision into a beautiful design. I hope that I get to work with her in the future."
Nathaniel B., Product Manager

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